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This series is called Multivision, it is multilayered photography, always made of three photographies, combined to an artwork. The aim was to transport the emotions and feelings, the character of a city into artworks. The physical transparency of these alterations belies their thematic opacity, which encourages the viewer to pause and piece together Mueller's process. Mueller obliges in revealing the emotional heart of his work, as he skillfully melds moments of mystery and intrigue with flourishes of contrasting colors and the intersecting lines of his superimposed structures.

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Fashion Misfits

This is a portrait series of girls with Down Syndrome to redefine beauty standards and open up a platform to encourage unconventional aesthetics. Disabled people have been an ignored part of our society and there is a need to explore the versatile interpretations of beauty and be more accepting.With this project, the artist wants to create a space in the fashion and advertising industry, ultimately to open channels catering to everyone, so that they can fashionably express themselves and be role models.

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This series is called Paramnesie, it is multilayered photography, Florian W. Mueller plays with the abstraction of memories. Dreamlike landscape pictures, confronting the viewer with the question of his memories. Paramnesie (false memory) is the psychological phenomenon in which a person recalls a memory that did not actually occur. He chose the round presentation based on early japanese photography and as a visual parallel to a keyhole. A keyhole to memories, even if these are “false” memories.

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Fresh grapes of Tuscany

The grapes of Toscany are famous because the wine. These photos are which taken with olio painting style and vintage elements for example the hand made lace textile, which shows more typical characters. And use color of antique olio painting, to create a relationship between art and comercial products photography.

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Silent and Movement

This design expresses everyday and extraordinary. Usually the temple is very silent and calm but once a year at this traditional festival, the temple becomes lively with thousands of people. “The Stillness and Movement” shows the usual aspect of temple which can be seen on temple itself and lively aspect which can be seen on naked people who are gathered for a same purpose. The lightings are carefully used and made the clear difference between bright part and dark part.

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Accents And Form

Every photographer has personal features and unique style of shooting. Everyone has strong and weak sides.I want to share with you my passion and inspiration of creation.Graphics in photography is both complicated and simple at the same time. So my way is to create pictures which are seemed quite simple but it`s not!This collection shows very simple picture which is composed from simple forms: round, square, triangle and colorful features. Mainly shape and colors are the basics which express and

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