My Relative, Petofi-book by Marton Borzak

Marton Borzak Creates The My Relative, Petofi Book

Marton Borzak, the author of the awarded project Book by Marton Borzak says, The book is about the living descendants of the great Hungarian poet, Sandor Petofi. It documents the vast amount of research the author did, ranging from interviews, arch <Cropped>

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Hotel Interior Design:savoir Resort by Karen Chang

Karen Chang Reveals The Savoir Resort Hotel Interior Design

Karen Chang, the creative mind behind the award winning work Hotel Interior Design:Savoir Resort by Karen Chang explicates, The Hotel is restored and expanded on the basis of the remaining folk houses in the south lower reaches of the Yangtze river. <Cropped>

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Playground Equipment by Numan Ayaz and Ujal Abbaslı

Numan Ayaz and Ujal Abbaslı Presents The Loop Playground Equipment

Numan Ayaz and Ujal Abbaslı, the maker of the awarded design Loop by Numan Ayaz and Ujal Abbaslı spells out, Along with the challenge between the players Wind Turbine game demonstrates how the wind power transforms into the electricity that is us <Cropped>

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Interior Design Show:nova Bossa by Juliana Pippi

Juliana Pippi Discloses The Nova Bossa Interior Design Show

Juliana Pippi, the architect of the highlighted project Interior Design Show:NOVA BOSSA by Juliana Pippi explicates, The space was divided in a way to neutralize attention. Forming a transition area, Juliana chooses a breath, a pause, for the visitor <Cropped>

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Sleep Aid Product by Zhenwei You and Weining Xiao

Zhenwei You and Weining Xiao Designs The Sweetie Baby Care Sleep Aid Product

Zhenwei You and Weining Xiao, the thinktank behind the displayed design Award Winning Sweetie Baby Care Sleep aid product illustrates, Sweetie has the cute and safe performance and effective function. First, Sweetie can change their light color and s <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Public Serivce:the Light Cube by Nelson Tam

Nelson Tam Exhibits The The Light Cube Multifunctional Public Serivce

Nelson Tam, the creator of the award winning design Multifunctional Public Serivce:The Light Cube by Nelson Tam explicates, The light cube serves as an public function of Optics Valley Central City and is responsible for holding the annual CIOE. It i <Cropped>

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Disease-Life Is Golden-Posters by Giuliano Lo Re & Matteo Gallinelli

Giuliano Lo Re & Matteo Gallinelli Exhibits The Disease-Life Is Golden Posters

Giuliano Lo Re & Matteo Gallinelli, the lead designer of the awarded work Giuliano Lo Re & Matteo Gallinelli's Disease - Life is Golden Posters illustrates, This project was born from the desire to create some concepts that can describe <Cropped>

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Hotel Arcadeon-Interior Design by Emell Goek Che

Emell Goek Che Illustrates The Hotel Arcadeon Interior Design

Emell Goek Che, the designer of the highlighted work Award Winning Hotel Arcadeon Interior Design explicates, Hotel Arcadeon is an example for a harmonic composition of latest technology, sustainable concepts and materials, contemporary Art and Desig <Cropped>

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Paulo Jorge Faias Pereira's Rabelo Lounge Chair

Paulo Jorge Faias Pereira Reveals The Rabelo Lounge Chair

Paulo Jorge Faias Pereira, the project leader of the award winning project Rabelo - Lounge chair by Paulo Jorge Faias Pereira says, Rabelo lounge chair is a sculptural gesture of how wood, a natural material, becomes a useful object but at the same t <Cropped>

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Table:sanbe by Adriana Pardo and Yago Mendez

Adriana Pardo and Yago Mendez Reveals The Sanbe Table

Adriana Pardo and Yago Mendez, the maker of the award winning project Award Winning Sanbe Table illustrates, The table Sanbe combines elements of Nordic design from the 50's with elements from the Japanese art such as simplicity and balance. The <Cropped>

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