Shape-infrastructure Development by Hongyu Yu, Karen, Adien and Michael

Hongyu Yu, Karen, Adien and Michael Designs The Shape Infrastructure Development

Hongyu Yu, Karen, Adien and Michael, the maker of the displayed design Shape by Hongyu Yu, Karen, Adien and Michael points out, The shape will not only be focusing on the finical involvement but it also devotes to provide a platform for each individu <Cropped>

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Future Oven Design

Anodica and Desall Invite You to Envision The Oven of The Future, Suggesting New Functional and Aesthetic Solutions Related to The Main Components of The Oven’s Front Interface: Handle, Knobs and Product Design Contest On Anodic

Anodica and desall invite you to envision the oven of the future, suggesting new functional and aesthetic solutions related to the main components of the oven’s front interface: handle, knobs and profiles.New product design contest on a <Cropped>

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Bronx-Restaurant by Devesh Bhatia

Devesh Bhatia Shares The Bronx Restaurant

Devesh Bhatia, the thinktank behind the highlighted project bronx by Devesh Bhatia explicates, Bronx, located in market where every other building is a restaurant, has been designed as a completely different PUB and Brewery. A dual staircase that con <Cropped>

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Floating by Venkatesh Kalidoss

Venkatesh Kalidoss Creates The Floating Stool

Venkatesh Kalidoss, the author of the award winning work Stool:Floating by Venkatesh Kalidoss says, The stool works on compression of air. The stool looks as it is floating on air. When they sit the compression of air in the cylinder acts as the cush <Cropped>

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Porto Ferreira 200yo Lot-Packaging by Omdesign

Omdesign Reveals The Porto Ferreira 200yo Lot Packaging

Omdesign, the creator of the highlighted design Porto Ferreira 200YO lot - Packaging by Omdesign illustrates, The luxurious Porto Ferreira 200YO lot is a unique packaging totally handcrafted with noble materials, such as silver, exotic wood and nat <Cropped>

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K.e.a. Design Consultants, Inc. 's On Cloud Nine Interior Architecture Restaurant

K.e.a. Design Consultants, Inc. Designs The On Cloud Nine Interior Architecture Restaurant

K.E.A. Design Consultants, Inc. , the project leader of the highlighted design Interior Architecture Restaurant by K.E.A. Design Consultants, Inc. spells out, This project designer use diverse Chinese allusions metaphor Chinese food culture and try t <Cropped>

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Aerodynamics and Ev System:l.a. Vision Concept by Daisuke Iguchi

Daisuke Iguchi Designs The L.a. Vision Concept Aerodynamics and Ev System

DAISUKE IGUCHI, the maker of the displayed work L.a. Vision Concept - Aerodynamics and EV system by DAISUKE IGUCHI demonstrates, This is sportscar styling and concept design for near future. This is air flow technology. Body is streamline shape that <Cropped>

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Food Service Design

Enofrigo and Desall Invite You to Design a New Functional Furnishing System For The Food Service, Dedicated to The Display and Distribution of Food Products For The Horeca Sectornew Product Design Contest On Enofrigo and Desall Invite You to D

Enofrigo and desall invite you to design a new functional furnishing system for the food service, dedicated to the display and distribution of food products for the horeca sectorNew product design contest on enofrigo and desall invite you <Cropped>

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Installation :the Sea Vibes by Tothree Design

Tothree Design Designs The The Sea Vibes Installation

ToThree Design, the designer of the awarded work Award Winning The Sea Vibes Installation spells out, This installation was designed using the language of the sea: waves, as it was designed for a residential project along the shore of Dalian Bay, Chi <Cropped>

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Kazuaki Kawahara's The Fruits Toilet Paper Packaging

Kazuaki Kawahara Discloses The The Fruits Toilet Paper Packaging

Kazuaki Kawahara, the thinktank behind the displayed design Packaging:The Fruits Toilet Paper by Kazuaki Kawahara explains, Many companies and stores throughout Japan give a roll of toilet paper to customers as a novelty gift to show their apprecia <Cropped>

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