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Colors and Lines

Colors & Lines is inspired by the primary colors - Red, Yellow, Blue which used to appear in painting and design. It is a collection that blur between painting and photography, transcending the ordinary between the state of dream and reality. The strong colors visual moves the vision of the world to colors, lines, contrast, geometry and abstraction, seeing the ordinary in extraordinary.

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Mother Earth

Mother Earth is a reflection of reality, according to Naseer vision. As a portrait photographer, he decided to capture Planet earth as a human being, who's being sick as a result of pollution. Naseer carefully choose the elements for the make up to represent planet earth in a human form. Naseer tries to show through Planet Earth photograph how planet earth would looks like and feel if it has a human form.

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Dramatic photography has been taken by the minimum light that is everywhere everyday.Next it was changed the color to black and white by using the software with the computer.And it was changed the exposure to stir people ’s image.Last it was trimmed from the rectangle to the square to eliminate waste and to constitute the balance of the light and people.

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The artists' project takes advantage of the U15 building's features to create an association with natural elements present in the collective imagination. Taking advantage of the building structure and parts of it, as its colors and shapes, they try to evoke more specifics locations like the Chinese Stone Forest, the American Devil Tower, as generic natural icons like waterfalls, rivers, and rocky slopes. To grant a different interpretation in every picture, the artists explore the building through a minimalist approach, using different angles and perspectives.

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The Japanese Forest

"The Japanese Forest" is taken from a Japanese religious perspective. One of the Japanese ancient religions is Animism. Animism is a belief that non-human creatures, still life (minerals, artifacts, etc.) and invisible things also have an intention. Photography is similar to this. Masaru Eguchi is shooting something that makes feeling in the subject. Trees, grass and minerals feel the will of life. And even artifacts such as dams that left in nature for a long time feel the will. Just as you see the untouched nature, the future will see the present scenery.

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Pass On

The old story of a message in a bottle is once again presented in this photographic series. The photographer uses words as symbols, in an aesthetic that simultaneously applies image and text, to awaken people and call them to this troubled, polluted and unfair world. This seems to be the demand for these images. Hope, fraternity, faith, are some of the words chosen, Eduardo Dulla believes that this planet can be a better place and uses his work to share this message.

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